Your tombstone is being written right now


What is the legacy you want to leave when you part from this life? What do you hope people will say at your funeral?

I want people to say that I cared deeply for the potential of every person. I want people to say that I wasn’t afraid to speak up in the face of bad people when it mattered most. I want to leave a legacy of unifying the psychological and the experiential. I hope people will say that I strived with the might of a hurricane to bring the self to bear in daily life, to live more fully and deeply. I want to be remembered as a champion of the mind, someone who advocated freedom for the unconscious prisoners of trauma. I hope my friends, my wife and children if I have them are profoundly saddened by the light that has been extinguished by my passing.

In order to get to this day I’m working backwards from this vision. It’s easy to lose sight of a moment so abstract and so far in the future. The big picture in the future gives purpose to the tiny brush strokes of our actions in the present.

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