Checking In (Zoologists Part 2)


I recently wrote a post about making the time to ask your inner child questions about his thoughts and feelings. After several days of attempting to do this I found it was difficult for me to remember this during the day when i’m caught up with the daily hustle and bustle. At the end of the day I would open up my journal as I always do before bed and feel a pang of guilt at the realization that an entire day had past and I hadn’t had one honest conversation with Team Self. We worked through it and came to the solution of scheduling time every two hours (I suggested every hour but my child told me to be realistic) for us to engage in a quick check in, just to remind myself that my unconscious is a vital and important part of the real-time decisions I make. Now I see a notification on my phone at each waking even hour so I am reminded to check in (literally and figuratively). Below is the list of questions I am currently asking my team on a daily basis:

8am – What do you want to play?
10am – How do you feel about today?
12pm – What do you want to do right now?
2pm – What’s on your mind?
4pm – What could I do better? What is your experience of being my teammate?
6pm – How are you feeling right now?
8pm – How was the day for you?
10pm – What do you want to do tomorrow?
Before bed – Thank you for today / journal

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